Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I gain access to the Uncensored website?
A) password will be changed whenever there is an update which will be on the scheduled days. and that password will be used to access the updated pages. you initially get one pass code to access the “User Login” area and a second pass code to access the comics on that page.

Q) What are your update schedules for the comic?
A) whichever comic we are working on at the moment will  have a specific scheduled date. you will be notified on patreon when the website is updated and a password will be provided.


Q) Is there any other comics besides the ones found on the page?
A) Not at the moment. The ones you see are the only comics hosted here at the moment. The comics are ongoing and will last several chapters. Once the most current one is finished, another series will begin. we will continue on this route until we have a decent collection.


Q) Are you going to include other artists?
A) we are interested in hiring other artists but at a very low rate. at the moment we are unable to afford a large group of artist. if you are interested, contact us for more information.


Q) What is Pleasure Comics?
A) Pleasure comic is a website dedicated to readers who have a passion for reading”BL” stories. Our mission is to create a collection of Boys Love stories that will engage our readers and fulfill their inner boy-love desires.

Q) How do i become a sponsor?
A) We are defiantly looking for people who support out mission and want to be a part of it. contact us and we will send you information and what all we offer.


Q) I just want to donate to show support!
A) We always appreciate donations or Volunteers. for donations you can support us here. if you want to volunteer please contact us by filling out a form here.